Viasat offers reliable satellite internet & home phone services nationwide.

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Viasat is BestSatelliteOptions’s #1 choice for fast satellite internet due to its available speeds. Viasat offers high-speed internet and voice services to homes in the hardest-to-reach places, including rural and remote areas.

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Starting at

$49.99 – $149.99/mo.

Max Download

12 – 100 Mbps

One-time standard installation fee may be charged at the time of sale. Minimum 24-month service term. Monthly service fee, equipment lease fee and taxes apply. 3 x’s faster than DSL claim based on typical DSL speed in non-metro areas using the FCC Fixed Broadband Deployment Data. The price lock guarantee applies only to the standard monthly internet service fee and the monthly equipment lease fee (in each case, before any promotional discounts) and excludes all taxes and surcharges.

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Benefits of Viasat Internet


Fast Satellite Speeds

Viasat offers download speeds as high as 100 Mbps so you can stay connected regardless of where you live.


Flexible Plans

Viasat offers a variety of flexible internet & home phone plans tailored to fit your lifestyle.


Available Nationwide

Viasat is available in all 50 states, so you can get connected even if you live in a more remote area. This makes it a great rural internet option.


No Overage Fees

If you exceed the monthly data in your plan, you’ll remain connected at a slightly reduced speed until your next billing cycle.

Pros & Cons

Viasat offers fast, affordable satellite internet with speeds up to 100 Mbps as well as additional services you can bundle under one plan. Viasat prides itself on its nationwide availability, going where cable and fiber providers can’t.

Things we like:

  • Unlimited standard data* – Browse as much as you want, without worrying about overage fees or hard data caps.

  • Fast rural internet option – Enjoy speeds 3x faster than traditional DSL and coverage across 99% of the US.

  • Quick installation – Schedule a professional installation, and get online typically within 3-5 business days.

  • Price-lock guarantee – Lock in your monthly rate for two years, and forget about surprise price changes.

Things to consider:

  • Price increases – Viasat promotional rates only last for the first 3 months of service before increasing

  • Low upload speeds – All Viasat plans come with 3 Mbps upload speed, which isn’t ideal for heavy gaming or streaming.


Our Thoughts on Viasat

Viasat goes above and beyond when it comes to its satellite internet service. It’s dedicated to bringing reliable, high-speed connectivity to the hardest to reach people and places nationwide. With Viasat, you’ll also get more data for your money than the competition without automated overage charges.

Viasat FAQs

Common Questions

Who is Viasat internet best for?

Viasat internet is best for those having trouble getting a fast connection because they live in remote areas where cable or fiber companies don’t go. Viasat is great for essential, everyday online activities such as shopping, banking, education, and staying in touch with family.

Where is Viasat internet available?

Viasat Internet is available in all 50 states and covers much of the US population in remote and rural areas where other internet providers offer slower service – or no service at all.

How reliable is Viasat Voice?

You can expect the same reliability as Viasat internet because they use the same satellite internet connection. Viasat strives to maintain highly reliable and available service using its network management and monitoring expertise.

Will Viasat internet work in bad weather?

Because satellites are exposed to the elements, your service may be affected by extreme weather like snow or heavy winds. Once the weather clears, your internet service should return back to normal.

How does Viasat satellite internet work?

  1. Click on your favorite website using your laptop or mobile device. Your request goes to your Viasat modem, then through a short cable to the satellite dish outside your home.
  2. The dish installed at your home beams your request up to our satellite.
  3. Viasat sends your website request down to a gateway station connected to our ground network.
  4. The station relays your request to your favorite website.
  5. The website delivers the information you requested back to the station, which sends it up to our satellite to be sent directly to you.

How does Viasat measure data usage?

Viasat measures your monthly data usage by the number of bytes transferred, or used, between your network and the Internet.

Common data measurements are Gigabytes (GB), Megabytes (MB), and Kilobytes (KB). 1 GB is roughly one billion bytes, or about one thousand Megabytes (MB).

1 GB = 1,024 MB of data

1 MB = 1,024 KB of data

1 KB = 1,024 bytes of data