Starlink Offers RV Satellite Internet Service

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There’s good news for those who travel extensively in RVs and have struggled to find adequate internet service on the road. The satellite technology arm of Elon Musk’s SpaceX has announced that it will begin offering high-speed satellite internet service for RVs.

Many have taken to the road during and in the post-pandemic days, living the remote life to the fullest extent–touring the country, visiting friends and family, and enjoying time in the quiet wilderness. However, finding sufficient and stable internet while on the road can be frustrating and challenging.

Satellite internet is transmitted from satellites high above the earth, making it accessible almost anywhere in the country. However, satellite service has been bound to a permanent location – your physical address. Starlink internet has uncoupled its service from a permanent location, allowing for broadband internet to those on the go. For an additional $25 per month, subscribers can now relocate their service as they move about the country.

[Note: Starlink’s network is currently at full capacity, and likely won’t open up again until late 2023. If you need satellite internet today, check out Viasat internet plans for speeds up to 100 Mbps in select locations.]

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This is fantastic news for digital nomads, but there are a few things to keep in mind about this service. It will cost an additional $25 on top of the $110 per month service. And, you will still have to buy the equipment to take along with you. That carries a hefty price tag, but the equipment is yours to keep and eliminates any monthly, ongoing equipment rental fees.

The satellite equipment, according to Starlink, is easy to transport, set up, and take down, reducing hassles for those who move about frequently. It is important to keep in mind that the service will not work when the RV is in motion. And, just like satellite internet service at your home, Starlink for RVs will require a clear view of the sky to establish a connection and can be affected by severe weather.

Live a Truly Remote Lifestyle

This is excellent news in the wake of the rise of RVing, camper trailering, and mini homes. The RV satellite internet service from Starlink puts the nomadic lifestyle within reach for those who seek an unmoored lifestyle.

Take your conference calls at the most remote fishing spot you know, or on the coastline in Acadia National Park. Or for those rainy afternoons while camping with the family, you can snuggle up in the RV and stream movies and play online video games.

Recreational vehicle manufacturers seem to have anticipated this move, as many are already integrating Starlink receivers into their RV designs and builds. One day, it seems, this internet mobility will become standard, and as the technology improves, users may have connectivity when their RV is in motion.

Starting Price


Max Download

200 Mbps

Other Satellite Internet Providers

Starlink currently has a waitlist for service as it enhances its satellite array. If you’re in need of satellite service while you wait for Starlink, Viasat and HughesNet each offer robust satellite internet plans in the most remote locations.

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Max Download

25 Mbps

Starting Price

$49.99 – $149.99/mo.

Max Download

12 – 100 Mbps

Availability has always been the greatest benefit of satellite internet. There aren’t many areas in the country where it is inaccessible to customers. Now, leveraging that accessibility, Starlink satellite internet has made it so that customers can remain connected when they are not at their physical address. You can truly enjoy the nomadic, wandering lifestyle.